Hopefully, you have heard the term “X-Factor” before now. But how many of you actually utilize the X-Factor to benefit from increased distance and accuracy? In this article we are going to visit the X-Factor and its elements and benefits that are incorporated into the golf swing.

The X-factor is achieved from the differential between your full shoulder turn and turning the hips slightly at the top of your golf swing. The greater your difference is between your hip turn and your shoulder turn at the top, the more power you will create. With this coil, you will create a spring like effect on your downswing as long as you initiate it with your hips from the transition at the top. This spring like effect will increase your clubhead speed so that you can increase your distance. So as you take the club back, you want to minimize your hip turn and maximize your shoulder turn; this will give you the chance at achieving the X-factor in your golf swing. It is a simple move that should be incorporated into your golf swing regardless how flexible you are. You will hit the ball longer and straighter by keeping that “X” throughout your downswing. By utilizing the X-factor you will maximize your clubhead speed and your power at impact. You will also develop a wider arc and a good repeatable rhythm in your golf swing.


There are a few faults in back swing that I see from my students. One bad habit that I see is that some players will reverse pivot and take the club up to the top and not transfer their weight to their right side. Photo #3 illustrates a reverse pivot. Another bad habit that I see is that some players will not turn their shoulders enough and overturn their hips on the way back. Photo #2 illustrates this bad habit of turning both the shoulders and hips too far. Both of these bad habits lead to using the upper body to hit the ball and not the lower body and your core. Both of these bad habits also narrow the “X” between your hips and shoulders and result in weakened golf shots.

As you practice on obtaining the X-factor, you will see an increase in clubhead speed and distance with all the clubs in your bag, as well as an increase in accuracy also. Remember to minimize your hip turn and maximize your shoulder turn on the back swing to the top of your swing. Also work on retaining your “X” through the downswing by initiating your downswing with your hip turn and leaving your shoulders back. The bigger your differential is, the more uncoil and spring like effect you will have on the downswing which will give an explosive impact on the ball.

Hopefully, by practicing the X-factor you will create a spring like effect in your golf swing and generate more clubhead speed, which in turn will generate a more powerful golf swing with more distance and accuracy.