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New One Touch Caps Are In

Wilson Staff One Touch Caps are In Come check out these new awesome caps from Wilson Golf. They feel and look amazing. Nothing else like them. The Wilson Staff Relaxed hat features a clean, classic shape and design to sport on… Continue Reading →

New MGC Towels In Stock

Now in stock are our new MGC Towels. Purchase one caddie towel and get a free green-side towel. Click Here for details

Memberships at MGC

In an effort to help you maximize your time and money when it comes to golf, MGC is now offering Memberships. As a golf instructor, I know how important practice and the quality of your practice benefits your game. So… Continue Reading →

Marti Golf Academy Video Tip – Pitch Shot

Getting up and down from around the greens is so important to shooting lower scores. This video helps demonstrate how to hit a pitch shot around the greens which will hopefully get you setup to make an easier putt to… Continue Reading →

Marti Golf Academy Video Tip – Chip Shot

Here is a short video that demonstrates how to hit a chip shot, the “Bump and Run.” So many shots are wasted around the greens by players, stop wasting shots and learn how to shave strokes off your game with… Continue Reading →

Power It Up!

Are you not producing the power and distance off the tee that you are capable of producing?  One of the most common questions I get from my students is, “How do I get more distance off the tee?”  In order… Continue Reading →

Hit the Ball Further with the X-Factor

Hopefully, you have heard the term “X-Factor” before now. But how many of you actually utilize the X-Factor to benefit from increased distance and accuracy? In this article we are going to visit the X-Factor and its elements and benefits… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Grip For You

Did you set a new year’s resolution to fix your golf swing? If so, did your plan involve fixing your grip? Probably not. Many players overlook how important the grip is in the golf swing. Sam Snead once said that… Continue Reading →

Proper Alignment

Are you having trouble with slices, pull-cuts, or just straight leaving the ball to the right of your intended target? If so, let’s take a look at your alignments and how you set up to the ball. The majority of… Continue Reading →

Chip It or Pitch It

How many times have you been told that golf is a game of miss hits? Tour players hit on the average about thirteen to fourteen greens per round in regulation. That means that four or five times in a round… Continue Reading →

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