Covid-19 Update

Outdoor activities MUST comply with CDC’s guidelines and MUST comply with the 6-ft social distance between each person. Each morning, I set the teeing stations 4 yards apart (12 ft), please do not move the bag racks. Chairs have been removed from the tee box, so if you need a chair to rest please bring your own. There will be no more than 6 people in the golf shop at any one time, and no congregation in the golf shop as well. The restroom will be available along with an outdoor handwashing station. We ask that you please wash your hands thoroughly and often. If you are sick, STAY HOME. If you show signs that you are sick, we will ask you to please leave and if you purchased anything, you will be refunded.

Rest assured that we are doing all we can do to keep all contact surfaces clean throughout the day. Range balls are washed after each use with a Clorox Bleach solution. All baskets after each use are sprayed and cleaned with Lysol and disinfectant spray. Please leave your baskets along the tee line or at the designated area after use so we can gather them and clean them.

Almost every golf manufacture still has their custom departments closed. So, until they start back up, I have suspended the use of demo equipment without an appointment. Orders can still be placed to get in the que for production. All fitting/demo equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each use. The use of rental clubs has been suspended. All golfers are required to utilize their own golf equipment.

Flags have been removed from the short game area along with the cups being raised out of the hole. Please do not push them back into the ground. Rakes have also been removed from the bunker. Please use your foot to smooth out your hitting area when you are done.

For the time being, we will continue to close at dark, so please plan accordingly. Last light is roughly between 7:45-8:05 pm pending on cloud cover.

**As Always You Are Playing at Your Own Risk**
We want you to enjoy your time at MGC but also play/practice safe.

For more information, please join our email database to stay up-to-date or you can email me at

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Fairways & Greens,
Chad Marti

I have also suspended giving in person lessons for the time being. I will however do them VIRTUALLY ONLINE. If you would like me to video your swing while you are here or if you have video to send me that would work as well. I can then send you a video on what to work on with drills and explanations. I would be glad to still work on improving your game. To Request an Online Lesson, contact me at